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Inappropriate Gifts for Nice People

There are some things you can't say with jewellery and a bouquet of flowers.

That's why you need swear bears.  We put your swears on teddy bears.

If you're looking for a fun and novel way of expressing your grown up words, then swear bears is for you.

We put personal, naughty and cheeky messages on teddy bears that are definitely not for Granny. Unless you don’t like her. In this case, Granny can fuck right off.

Personalised Funny Gifts

Our bears will fill the void in the dark hole of anyone’s heart, making them the perfect birthday gift. Gift vouchers can fuck right off (unless it’s one of ours, of course). Swear bears go down well in the following occasions:

  • Birthday Gifts (40 and Fucking Fabulous)
  • Retirement (About bloody time Gavin!)
  • Valentines Day Gifts (I fucking love you)
  • Hen’s night (You know I saw him first!!)
  • Buck’s night (You stupid bastard)
  • Father’s Day (You don’t get to choose your Dad…)
  • Mother’s Day (Mum, you’re the fucking best)
  • Easter (Where’s my fucking eggs?)
  • Christmas (Giant Santa sack anyone?)

Not just bears

Maybe we should have called our business swear gifts. Sounds shit doesn’t it? Glad we didn’t. So yeah, if you’re not one to celebrate the bear in all of it’s furry glory, we also have a great range of other products such as Personalised funny aprons, Personalised Santa sacks and Personalised cushion covers.

If you really have lost all creativity and ability to make decisions, we’ve created a special product for you - the gift card.


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