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About Swear Bears


Novelty Gifts Made By Experienced Embroideres

We are quite experienced in the art of the swear word. We’ve been at it a while now. And whilst we consider ourselves experts in the fine art of profanity, we are delighted and surprised by how much we learn each day from you, our valued customers. So thank you, you filthy buggers.

Incidentally, we’re also pretty fucking good at embroidery too. We’ve been at that for more than a few years and we guarantee that our Swear Bears will be of the highest quality and worth the hard earned cash that you stumped up. If not, we'll give you a refund (more on that here).

Hows it all work?

You can choose from a range of our Birthday Swear Bears, Valentine's Day Swear Bears, Insulting Swear Bears, Popular Swear Bears, Gifts or you can Make Your Own. The ordering process is completed in a few easy steps. Once you’re done, we'll personally make your swear bear and send it to you faster than your mother can unbutton her overalls.

Worth Mentioning

Naturally, we’re fairly open minded and can do sexy, rude, dirty, flirty, and risqué messages.

But just because we like naughty words doesn't mean we throw all of our values out the window.

We don't do hate speech, racist, sexist, or threatening messages.

We'll let you know if you've gone too far and we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund you in full if we believe you’ve gone too far.

Well shit, let’s not end on a low. Get your creative juices flowing by checking out what some of our past customers have ordered on our Gallery page by clicking here.

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