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Personalised Valentine's Day gifts

    Valentines Day Swear Bears

    A personalised Swear Bear is the perfect quircky gift to say how much you love your partner on Valentine's Day. With a special message embroidered on the Swear Bear, you have a memorable and special gift that will last forever.

    Swear Bears sends to businesses, homes or PO Boxes so you can give the gift yourself or have it delivered straight to the lucky boy or girl. 

    Bears start from $30 with post only $9.90 anywhere in the world (Express within Australia, Air Mail overseas).

    Guys....this could be the best gift you EVER give at Valentines Day...Check the gallery for ideas.

    Give the best Valentine's Day gift ever that will have a real impact, and shows thought and individuality. 

    Because you're ordering online (and not in a shop) you can say really 'smooshy' personal things that only you and your partner will share, without possible embarrassment when buying, and celebrate the day with something that is truly special.

    The process for ordering is simple, choose a bear, make it special with a personalised, thoughtful message, then have it delivered.

    Check our delivery details for how quickly you can receive it.

    This is all backed up by our 100% money back guarantee if you don't love it, but we know you will.

    So if you are looking for a quirky gift idea, you want it to have the wow factor, and be something to be treasured forever, you need it delivered fast, this is it....

    Once you've finished ordering for Valentine's Day, head over and create a funny birthday present Swear Bear.

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